Mystery Comic Boxes. Series 1

Mystery Comic Boxes. Series 1

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Mystery Boxes with some of Hives greatest hits from the last 6 months. 

All boxes come with 5-10 books that are collectively worth up to 3 times as much as the price of the box. Included in some of the boxes are rare and expensive "Chase" books. odds for these books is as follows.


1:10 Crossover #1 John Gallagher Variant

1:10 Last Ronin Kael Ngu Color Variant

1:20 Last Ronin Stan Yak Variant

1:4 random metal variant.


If you purchase 2 or more boxes you are guaranteed at least 1 Chase variant and we will do our best to insure there is as little duplication of the books as possible in the boxes.


There are also Mystrey CGC 9.8 boxes available.