FRANK MILLER’S 300 25th Anniversary Bartel cover

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The armies of Persia -- a vast horde greater than any the world has ever known -- are poised to crush Greece, an island of reason and freedom in a sea of madness and tyranny. Standing between Greece and this tidal wave of destruction are a tiny detachment of but three hundred warriors. Frank Miller's epic retelling of history's supreme moment of battlefield valor is finally collected in a glorious hardcover volume in its intended format -- each two-page spread from the original comics is presented as a single undivided page.


25th Anniversay cover by Jen Bartel

- trade dress pictures are coming.  We never got them.

-Metal covers will be 4-5 weeks later than the rest of the raw copies. 

- CGC SS Miller will be getting signed and subbed at MegaCon with Custom Label.

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