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15 books of greatness at a discount well below MSRP. Box 1 is a mystery box of 15 exclusives none of which are duplicates from Box 2 but will be filled with books at our discretion. BUY BOTH BE HAPPY.

Box #1 Consists of 15 mystery books as chosen by us.


Box #2 consists of 1 of each of the following books.

Twig #1 (Image) B&W Drew Zucker Variant Ltd. 500

Beyond The Breach #1 (Aftershock) Bob Tkacik Variant Ltd. 300

House Of Slaughter #1 (Boom) Francesco Mobili Variant Ltd. 1250

SIKTC #21 (Boom) Sant Fung Variant Ltd. 1000

Ice Cream Man #26 (Image) Felix Morales Variant Ltd. 500

Bunny Mask Foil (Aftershock) Javan Jordan Variant Ltd. 300

Cult of Dracula #1 (Source Point Press) Maria Khe Variant Ltd. 666

Stray Dogs #2 (Image) Chad Hardin Variant Ltd. 666

Moon Knight Black, White, and Blood #1 (Marvel) Skan Trade Variant Ltd. 3000

Moon Knight Black, White, and Blood #1 (Marvel) Skan Virgin Variant Ltd. 1000

Department of Truth #12 (Image) John Gallagher Variant Ltd. 700

What's The Furthest Place From Here #1 (Image) Aaron Bartling Variant Ltd. 500

Miles Morales & Moon Girl #1 (Marvel) Ivan Tao Trade Variant Ltd. 3000

Spider-Man Torment (Marvel) Momoko Virgin Variant Ltd. 1500

HaHa #6 (Image) Felix Morales Color Variant Ltd. 500